“President Trump Please Liberate Hong Kong” from the “Pro-Democracy Protestors” in Hong Kong.

Originally, I was going to do general discussion about the situation in Hong Kong. After months of watching the Western response to Hong Kong and growing tired of the Yellow Peril histrionics in the West, I decided to return to writing with a slightly less neutral tone. To be quite honest, it’s deeply disappointing. There is a sundry variety of comments in relation to Hong Kong.

Some examples I have seen in response to Hong Kong:

“It’s the forces of democracy versus single-party neo-Maoist autocratic imperialist capitalism, imo. Free Hong Kong.”

“I’m so proud of them. Fighting for a way of life our founding fathers would be proud.”

“If only america would do this about the oligarchy we have slowly become!”

“Prayers and all good wishes for the brave “ freedom fighters of HongKong, against the tyranny of China !”

“The only real force behind it other than Chinese largess are the people of Hong Kong. They are on their own”

The problem is that none of this is accurate. There has been a significant amount of Western involvement in the “Hong Kong Protests.” This begins with NED (National Endowment of Democracy) involvement. It’s right on their website.

NED spending in Hong Kong in 2018

NED spent $445,000 in 2018 just from their website statement alone. This is just one agency of many that spent time and money in Hong Kong on propaganda and preparations for “resistance” to the Chinese government. There have also been photographs and video footage of US Embassy vehicles escorting protestors and participation in the “protests.”

US Regime Change

The history of US supported or created regime change in the world just in the past century is too much to list in one writing. It’s a bit long to even put in a full length book. Most begin the list with the US backed plan to overthrow the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1893. This was followed by the Spanish-American war which led to the US conquest of Cuba and the Philippine Islands. Then there was the US-French company that orchestrated the secession of Panama from the Republic of Columbia in 1903. Let us also not forget the “Banana Wars” in Honduras.

If we just skip ahead to recent, Cold War/Post-Cold War, history it is still a tremendously long list. Some of the highlights are as follows:

  • The first post-independence government of Syria, the democratically elected Shukri al-Quwatli government, was overthrown by the Army Chief of Staff that had ties with the CIA (the nature of involvement is disputed) in 1949.
  • The 1953 Iranian coup d’etat, where the United States (and UK) plotted to overthrow the democratically elected government of PM Mosaddegh in 1953 and the installation of the “constitutional monarchy” that followed.
  • The U.S. government exectued coup in Guatemala that overthrew the democratically-elected government of President Arbenz and installed a right-wing dictator in his place.
  • The first action of the Einsenhower Doctrine to intervene in Lebanon to support the pro-Western president Chamoun.
  • A coup orchestrated by the CIA and the assassination of Patrice Lumumba in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1961.
  • The CIA involvement int he assassination of Trujillo in the Dominican Republic in 1961.
  • The repeated attempts to overthrow Fidel Castro in the 1960s.
  • 1963 – Vietnam (which is a whole book itself) but there’s this excerpt from the Pentagon Papers:
    ‘Beginning in August of 1963 we variously authorized, sanctioned and encouraged the coup efforts of the Vietnamese generals and offered full support for a successor government. In October we cut off aid to Diem in a direct rebuff, giving a green light to the generals. We maintained clandestine contact with them throughout the planning and execution of the coup and sought to review their operational plans and proposed new government.’
  • The US supported coup in Bolivia led by General Hugo Banzer to remove the president (for creating a “people’s assembly”)
  • Sept 11, 1973, when the democratically elected president of Chile was overthrown by the armed forced in a coup created by the CIA – and had Pinochet installed in power.
  • The US involvement in El Salvador from 1980-1992.
  • 1982-1989: The US funding and arming of the Contras in Nicaragua.
  • The 1983 US invasion of Granada.
  • In 1991, the US trained and paid a coup composed largely of drug traffickers to overthrow the elected president of Haiti.
  • From 1998 to 2000, the United States State Department funnelled over $100 million into Yugoslavia to foster regime change.
  • In 2011, the United States was heavily involved in the removal of the president of Libya.
  • The United States has repeatedly tried to orchestrate coups and assassinate the presidents of Venezuela.

On top of all that, we are seeing populist uprisings all over the world today. We just saw a coup in Bolivia in which a US supported conservative assumed office after the military asked the president of Bolivia to vacate his office (and the country). We are seeing people protesting the conservative government of Haiti presently. We are seeing people blocking the copper mines in protest in Chile. We are seeing mass uprisings from the unrest created by the US supported Guaido in Venezuela.

Did you guess which thing was not like the others?
Did you guess which thing just doesn’t belong?

“The Queen made us pearl of the orient. The communists ruined it.”

In Hong Kong, we are seeing “protestors” in the streets (on the weekends) protesting against the Chinese government. The movement started in opposition to an extradition bill because a man murdered his pregnant girlfriend in Taiwan and couldn’t be charged with a crime. It’s escalated to protestors carrying signs of President Trump of the United States, using Pepe frog imagery, engaging in racially motivated attacks, throwing petrol bombs, launching bricks from catapults, and now shooting arrows at police.

Protestors immolate a civilian that doesn’t agree with them.

The problem here is a bit complicated. Some of it appears to stem from people not knowing the history. Some of it stems from people not knowing what to believe about the People’s Republic of China. Much of it is rooted in this dynamic that Chinese are evil and everything they do is evil. Where is there any history of Chinese imperialism like the list given above? Many point to Hong Kong, Tibet, and Xinjiang as evidences of “Chinese imperialism.” How can you invade a place that was yours before it was taken by force?

“Chinese colonists get out!!” with two British, colonial flags.

There will be another piece on the Opium Wars… or another version of this essay. But the short version is: Europe was upset that there was a trade imbalance with China. Europeans wanted things from China but Chinese wanted nothing from Europe. England realized they could make a great deal of money and invert the trade imbalance by selling opium as a drug in China. China refused to allow them to sell opium in China. The response by England was a military attack. China lost and Great Britain took the island of Hong Kong. China never fully conceded to allow Europeans to sell goods tax free in China nor to allow them to sell opium and Great Britain attacked China again, with the help of France and the US.

89 years after the Opium Wars, China had a new government. England still occupied Hong Kong. Remember the Eisenhower Doctrine mentioned earlier? Part of the Eisenhower Doctrine stated the US had authorization of military use “to secure and protect the territorial integrity and political independence of such nations, requesting such aid against overt armed aggression from any nation controlled by international communism.” Still, Hong Kong remained in possession of the UK until 1997, when a handover finally resulted from negotiations with China. Hong Kong was Britain’s last colony. The negotiation included a transitional period because of the Western businesses that existed in Hong Kong. The transitional period was to last 50 years and be a slow transition of a “Semi-Autonomous region” that promoted “one country, two systems.”

Westerners today are claiming that “Hong Kong should be free.” That the people protesting in Hong Kong are being “undermined” because they are slowly being integrated into China. Hong Kong residents themselves often refer to China as the “Communist invaders.” The “Protesters” were in the streets singing “God Bless America” and waiving US flags. Where does this come from?

God Bless Ameri… Hong Kong?

To get to the point here: The people claiming that “Hong Kong should be free” and saying that the protestors are “fighting for freedom” need to say the same thing about Hawaii, Batista in Cuba, Pinochet in Chile, the Contras in Nicaragua, Guiado in Venezuela, Anez in Bolivia, etc… every US backed regime change we have seen.

The Trump Train is a tank now.

It’s just beyond ridiculous that so many people who will admit that the United States (and the West) continue to spread propaganda to support their empire will immediately believe any and every negative thing about the People’s Republic of China.

Pro-Chinese demonstrations that received almost no Western press.

People need to ask themselves why they question the US narrative of every event with US involvement except when it comes to China. Why?

Pro-China supporters wave Chinese national flags at the Peak in Hong Kong Sunday, Sept. 29, 2019. Hundreds of pro-Beijing supporters sang Chinese national anthem and waved red flags ahead of China’s National Day, in a counter to months-long pro-democracy protests viewed as a challenge to Beijing’s rule. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu)

We see it constantly. “Organ Harvesting” stories from the Falun Gong (and Epoch Times). Even though the Falun Gong believe that even “heaven” is racially segregated, that homosexuality and premarital sex are failures of morality, and that if we free ourselves from the moral failures of gay sex, interracial sex, and use of technology (that was put here by aliens to steal our bodies) we would be able to levitate. And we get “concentration camp” stories in Xinjiang from the people that operate Guantanamo Bay detention camp and the largest prison population in the world.

Sure, there are problems in China. But we never even get to find them because everyone is so busy demonizing every single thing done by The People’s Republic of China.

More importantly, why do so many 白左 that claim to be opposed to Conservatives in the US say the exact same things as Marco Rubio? Is that where the “Left” is now? Marco Rubio? Or just when it comes to the Yellow Peril?

Jackie Chan

There is another aspect that is even more troubling. There is this infantilisation of Chinese that occurs when it’s pointed out that the Hong Kong rioters/protestors are waving US flags and singing “God Bless America,” asking President Trump to “Liberate them,” using alt-right iconography, flying the British colonial flag, etc… – It’s a dismissal that “they don’t know what that really means.” There’s this somewhat racist idea that the Hong Kong protesters are unaware of the pro-European, conservative, pro-colonial imagery they are using in this imagery. This is actually offensive. Chinese people are perfectly capable of understanding what these things mean. And we know these protestors do when they were beating a restrained reporter and asked what would happen if he dies, they responded that it would be good because it would bring more Western media attention to their demands.

(Just for some clarity here: There are people that demonize China today because it is socialist. Most of the points here are for people that don’t find socialism to be so damning that it’s automatically evil. This is just the 白左.)

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