I'll say it ... just deserts.

It’s been a while since I’ve written. Largely because the state of things is a mess. I’ve felt like there’s no point in trying to say anything, since any disagreement results in “no platforming” and doxxing and mobbing. There’s no more discourse to be had. Any criticism, any critique, any disagreement, is seen as pure opposition (and every opponent is a Nazi).

The recent discourse in the United States has been about Russia. Russia this and that. The claim is that Russia “meddled” in the 2016 US election to help Trump win the election. That’s the claim today, anyway. It will probably alter in a few weeks. It goes from “interference” to “meddling” to whatever. Apparently the claim is that Russians bought Facebook ads (against the multi-million dollar campaign of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton trolls paid for that campaign) and maybe hacked some emails that exposed malfeasance of Hillary Clinton or whatever. The new line from Democrats is that “meddling in our election is an act of war.” The point here isn’t really that… I’m just going to say it:  “So what?”

More to the point: The United States has “meddled” in nearly a hundred elections in foreign countries. The United States has deposed more than three dozen governments, often imposing bloody and brutal regimes in their place. The United States was behind the coup against Allende in Chile. Pinochet took his place and led a bloody and brutal campaign on the people of Chile. The United States was behind the ouster of the Prime Minister of Iran and put the Shah in his place, who also ran a bloody and brutal regime. The United States was behind the assassination of Patrice Lumumba. Lumumba was replaced with Sese Seku Mobutu, who was rumoured to have eaten the hearts of his enemies and oversaw a country with a death toll of 500,000 one year. The United States has overthrown many governments and still continues to do this… even with Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

The problem here is that the people crying about Russia “meddling” in the United States election would rather have Clinton in office. Clinton supported the right-wing junta in Honduras that is still running a brutal and bloody campaign of terror on the people of Honduras. A regime so brutal that children walked to the United States seeking asylum (only to be sent back to that US-backed regime). Clinton was behind the coup to put a NeoNazi government in power in Ukraine. (The response of which in Crimea was a massive voter turnout to return to Russia, to which the United States responded with military action.) Clinton was also a strong supporter of the “regime change” in Libya. This was against the advisory of most of the high ranking officials in the military. Today Libya is a total mess of violence and slavery.

The problem here is one of moral relativism at best. It’s ethnocentrism at worst. It’s Manifest Destiny to the highest end. A country that has deposed governments all over the world and interfered in elections at an unprecedented rate had another country “meddle” in their elections. Too bad.

The claim today that this is an “act of war” shows the unmitigated arrogance of Americans in the United States. There are many that claim that this is a false equivalence. That it’s some selfish rationale to claim that the United States is just getting a taste of it’s own medicine. “Because people will suffer under the policies of this president and it’s not fair.” Many go to the length to claim, “You don’t care because it doesn’t affect you.”

This is a bit of some narcissism at it’s best. Americans in the US don’t care because it doesn’t affect them. They aren’t being sold at a slave auction in Libya. A foreign backed government didn’t kill their family. A foreign government didn’t blow up their children’s school (with their children in it). It’s true that the poor in the US will suffer from this administration. The problem is that the poor will suffer no matter who is in office.

So there’s another issue here – that the policies of this presidential administration are really just all the things the Republican Party has been saying they would do the past decade. Instead of making it some derangement against this president and his vitriol, why not point out that the party in control just has bad policy? Well, one reason is that the opposition party doesn’t have much better policy. This is another issue, though.

Today, I really just want to say that my new attitude about “Russian interference” is “good for you. Now you have a small taste of what the rest of the world has lived with for almost a century.” You can cry about it, but don’t claim the moral high ground. Especially when you prefer a person that actually oversaw the overthrow of other governments. You lost that moral high ground.

The unmitigated gall to claim this is “an act of war” is just disgusting. If it’s an act of war, the United States has declared war on over 80 countries since the end of WWII. And where has the outrage been? Almost non-existant. Why? Because you benefited from it. Now the chickens come home to roost and you cry foul? Suck it up, buttercup. Your empire is crumbling and your hypocrisy is showing.

I’m not saying I want to see the disenfranchised suffer. But this is a global attitude. And, honestly, on the grand scheme of things, the suffering under this regime is minimal compared to the regimes the United States has unleashed on the world. You don’t have death squads murdering activists in the street. You don’t have women with car batteries attached to their nipples in between their serial rapes. You aren’t dealing with pogroms. You don’t have child soldiers protecting your natural resources for Russia. You are looking at social welfare programs being cut and regulations being rolled back. Why don’t you take a little bit of that fear and sorrow you feel and think about the utter destruction your government has unleashed on the world.

Make amends and then ask for sympathy.